10th Aug – 16th December 2023


Send your 2-min. video by WhatsApp at +91-9013921743. 
Last Date : 15th November 2023.
The sooner you send your audition video, the better are the chances for you to prepare for next rounds of this contest.
Participation Fee is payable only if you clear the Audition Round.  


Anyone can participate in this Instrumental Music Contest, provided that he/she:

  • Should be over 09 years of age (as on 01st December 2023).  There is no maximum age limit. (Your date of birth certificate may be demanded by us, if needed).
  • Should not be a professional artist who performs for a living.
  • Instruments allowed: Any wind / key / string instruments on which songs can be played such as, Flute, Harmonica, Trumpet, Saxophone, Shehnai, Harmonium, Piano, Keyboard, Banjo, Melodica, Sitar, Guitar, Violin, Celo, Santoor, Sarod, Sarangi, Surbahar, Veena, etc. etc. (this list is only illustrative not exhaustive)


  • Record your min. 02-minute video
  • Send it through Whatsapp only to +91-9013921743 as “[Song’s Title (space) Instrument Name (space) Full Name (space) Sex/Age (space) Place] Example: Hawayen Harmonica Vini Mehta F/26 Chandigarh.
  • Your entry should reach us before 23:59 hrs, 15th Nov 2023.  However, the sooner you submit, the better will be your chances to prepare for next rounds.

As an entry for your participation, you can record and send one of the following in any language on your musical instrument:


Your participation in this Instrumental Music Contest will be cancelled under following circumstances:

  • If you send recording or your vocal performance.
  • If your video is not visible/audible.
  • If your video has been recorded in a studio.
  • If your face is clearly not visible in the video.
  • If your entry is received after cut-off date/s.
  • If you use different phone numbers to send multiple recordings.
  • If information provided by you is found to be incorrect.
  • If you do not make payment of participation fee.



Audition Round is open from 10 Aug till 15th Nov 2023

Play any song of any language on your musical instrument, record it and send it on WhatsApp to +91-9013921743.  The video must be of minimum 2 minutes to be submitted before 15th Nov 2023.

Results of audition will be declared within 2-days of your submission.  The results will be based on these criteria – Sur, Taal, Laya, video and audio quality.

If you clear the audition round, you may be asked to deposit the participation fee, which is Rs.199 only.  The sooner you submit your video and deposit the fee, the better will be your chances to move to the Performance Round.  Fees in advance, that is, before or along with the submission of video, will not be accepted.

(2) PERFORMANCE ROUND (16th – 20th Nov)

Contestants who would clear the auditions, will be asked to perform any one song out of the list of 50 songs, that would be uploaded on the website on 16th Nov 2023. 

The contestants shall have to perform any one of these songs on their instruments, record the video and send that by WhatsApp on +91-9013921743 latest by 20th Nov 2023.

Only the best performing videos will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel for the Audience Review Round.

(3) AUDIENCE REVIEW ROUND (25th Nov – 8th Dec)

The shortlisted Performance Round videos will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel on 25th Nov 2023.

These videos will be open for audience votes until 8th Dec 2023.  Contestants may ask for votes from the audience on their performances. The maximum number of likes and comments will also be one of the criteria to move to the next round. 

Based on the final review by our technical team, only 20 top performances will move to the Judges Round.

(4) JUDGES’ ROUND (9th-10th Dec)

Top-20 performers may get a chance to interact with the Judges through video conference on 09th/10th Dec 2023. 

Judges will select the Top-10 performers for the final round. 

Results of this round will be declared on 12th Dec 2023 through our website.

(5) FINAL ROUND (16th Dec)

The selected Top-10 Contestants will enter the Final Round on 16th Dec 2023 and perform for the Season-4 Title through live video conference. 

The contestants will be allowed to choose any one of the judges to give them their challenge (i.e., a song of judge’s choice). 

Once the challenge is accepted, the Contestants will have to practice, play, record and send that song strictly within 60 minutes on WhatsApp to +91-9013921743.


Based on the criteria laid down by the judges, the Top-3 performances will be declared as Winner, Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up of this 4th season of NotesAndSargam Instrumental Music Contest 2023.  The formal declaration of winners will be done on 17th Dec 2023.


That, this contest is open to only non-professional instrumental musicians.  At any point, if the information furnished by the contestants is found to be untrue/ambiguous, then that will result into revocation of participation, certificate, trophy and the prize money.

That, the decisions by our technical team and our Judges will be final and binding on all the contestants and no communication in this regard shall be entertained.

That, the participation Fee is non-refundable.

That, the videos submitted by the contestants shall become the property of Notes And Sargam and those can be used for promotional purposes.

That, the organisers reserve the right to change, modify and alter the dates, timing, terms and conditions of this contest.


1st Prize

Rs.3,000/- + Appreciation Certificate + Trophy

2nd Prize

Rs.2,000/- + Appreciation Certificate

3rd Prize

Rs.1,000/- + Appreciation Certificate.

+ Plus +

Free .pdf version of N&S Book – “Lets Play Music” to all Participants.

Success story of the Winner shall be published in this website and in

Performance videos of the winners shall be uploaded on our official YouTube channel.

Winners’ profiles shall be posted on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Prizes shall be credited into Bank Accounts of the winners. 

Trophy shall be sent by courier.

Digital Certificates shall be sent by emails.  


Sh. Ashok Bhandari

A professional magician and a musician, Mr. Bhandari has been pursuing his passion with profession for over five decades now.   He performed for the King of Jordan and the Pope in Vetican City. 

In the cultural haven of Banaras, he cultivated an orchestra, playing alongside legends like Girja Devi and Siddheshwari Devi.  Competitions saw him consistently triumph, including performances on All India Radio for three years.

He ranked 29th among the world’s top 200 harmonica players, and personal accolades came from luminaries like Mahesh Bhatt. Mr. Bhandari’s journey led him to the National School of Drama as a harmonica and magic teacher, embodying his commitment to rejuvenate the harmonica. With two harmonica schools in Delhi and a global online presence, he ensures the harmonica’s melody continues to enchant hearts worldwide.

His YouTube videos garners millions of views.

Sh. Santakshat

A disciple of Pt. Rupak Kulkarni who is one of the leading Flautists in Mumbai music industry, SantAkshat is a promising and passionate Flutist. 

SantAkshat has performed live with celebrities Like Javed Ali, Sudesh Bhosle, Jolly Mukherjee, Sanjeevani Bhelande, Anandji (Kalyanji Anandji), Kailash Kher, Suresh Wadkar, Viju Shah, Annu Kapoor (Golden Era With Annu Kapoor), Rajesh Roshan, etc.   SantAkshat contributes in famous Music Companies like, Tips, Saregama, Shemaroo, Venus, T-Series and many more.  He also plays Flute for movies, TV Serials, Albums, and Commercials ads.  He does Live Concerts, Shows, Events such as, Musical Reality Shows, Mega Corporate Shows, etc.  

An exemplary Flutist who is deft at playing Bollywood songs on flute. He keeps sharing tips on how to play flute and, songs on flute through his YouTube Channel which is very popular among the flute players.  His YouTube channel has over 15k subscribers as on date.

Sh. Gunjan Jha

Gunjan Jha’s musical journey, influenced by his father, led to his remarkable achievements. His formal training in Hindustani Classical (vocal) at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi, culminated in victory at the 1993 All India Semi Classical Music Competition.

As a versatile music director, Gunjan boasts an impressive portfolio, including the spiritually uplifting “Bhakti Band” and soul-stirring “To My Valentine.” He also contributed his melodious voice to the esteemed religious album “Shabad” featuring Padmashree Pankaj Udhas. A key member of “Sumiran,” celebrated for their Zee Music hit “More Saiyaan,” Gunjan is also a creative consultant and vocal trainer for Zee Music’s “Aa ja Sohniye.”

Beyond this, Gunjan composes background scores for TV shows and jingles for renowned brands, like Indian Airlines, Aggarwal Packers, Lloyds, Priyagold etc. His composition was even nominated for the 2013 Commonwealth Games’ title song. Currently, he anticipates the release of a highly awaited song featuring Bollywood icon Padmashree Kumar Sanu in both Hindi and Bengali.

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Management of Notes & Sargam reserves the right to change/alter the dates/time, method, mode of this instrumental musical contest.  Registration fees once paid, shall not be refunded, except for exigent circumstances, decision of which will remain solely with Notes & Sargam Management team. Decision of the Judges about selection of participants at all stages will be final and binding on everybody associated with this contest.

By participating in this contest you confirm that the details submitted by you are true. You also confirm that you are not a professional musician. You understand that if the information and declaration provided by you is found to be incorrect at any stage of the contest, your candidature will become null and void with no further consideration. You  also give full consent that video/content provided by you for this contest will become available to the organisers for their promotional purposes through digital or print medium.

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