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Saiyyan (Heere Moti main na chahu)

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Sargam for song Saiyyan

Singer : Kailash kher
Lyrics : Kailash Kher
Music by : Paresh-Naresh Kamath
Album : Kailasa Jhoomo Re (2007)

Heere | moti
D’ D~P | PD D… PM

main | na | chaahoo
MP | P…. MR | RM M… G S R(G)R… S

Main | toh | chaahoo
S…{RM}…{Pdn} | n | n n…S D PM

samgam | tera
M P | P~n D…PM

Main | toh | teri
M D P~n | DP | PP…P~n DPMR


Tu hai mera,

MD’ DS’… N D M R


Tu jo | chhoo le | pyaar | se
M G R | M G R | MGP M | R S N

Aaraam | se | mar | jaaoo
N R SRS N | D P | D N | S S…

Aaja chanda bahoo mein
Tujh mein hi gum ho jaaoo Main
tere naam mein kho jaaoo

MD’ DS’… N D M R


Mere | din | khushi | se | jhoome
D’D’ | PD | P MR P | M | S~N S~D

gaaye | raate
D~S S~M P~D~n | D P M

Pal pal mujhe dubaaye
jaate jaate

Tujhe | jeet | jeet | haaroo
MP | P n n | D n D P M | MP P~D

[Repeat for following lines…] yeh praan praan varoo
Hay aise main nihaaroo
teri aartee utaaroo

Tere | naam | se | jude | hai
D’D’ | PD P | MR P | M~R S~N | S~D

saare naate,
D~S S~M P~D~n | D P M

saiyyan, saiyyan

[Repeat from Tujo chhoo le…]

Banke maala prem ki
Tere tan pe jhar jhar jaaoo
Baithoo naiya preet ki
Sansar se tar jaaoo
Tere pyaar se tar jaaoo

Saiyyan, saiyyan

[Repeat from Mere din khushi se…] Yeh naram naram nasha hai, badhtajaaye
Koi pyaar se ghungatiya deta udaaye
Ab baawra hua mann jag ho gaya hai roshan
Yeh nayee nayee suhaagan ho gayee hia teri jogan

Koi prem ki pujaarun mandir sajaaye
Saiyyan, saiyyan

Heere | moti | main na chaahoo
R R~N | NG GR | R R~N | NG GR

Main | toh | chaahoo
R | R~N | NG G(M)G R(G)R S(R)S

samgam | tera

Main | na | jaanu, | tu hi | jaane
P | M | GR R~MG | P | M | GR R~MG

Main | toh | teri,
R | R~N | NG G(M)G R(G)R S(R)S

tu | hai | mera
SR | SR | G(M)G R

Main na jaanu, tu hi jaane
Main toh teri, tu hai mera
Main toh teri, tu hai mera

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