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Kuchh Na Kaho, Kuchh Bhi Na Kaho


Singer : Kumar Sanu
Lyricist : Javed Akhtar
Music Director : R D Burman
Movie : 1942 A Love Story (1995)

Sargam produced on : F scale flute

RDB’s final film. And, he showed the world why is he the King of Music!  What a composition, what lyrics by Javed Akhtar!  As they say, the best of a singer can only come out with good lyrics and great composition.  Kumar Shanu’s voice stands out perfectly for this song. 

I had been trying to figure out the notations for this song for a very long time.  I tried with Sa as the first note. Failed. Tried with Pa as the first note. Failed.  Dha, came close. But, failed. Every time I would stuck at the Antara after the interlude tune.  Then accidentally, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where Pt. Ronu Mojumdar, who happens to be the Flutist in this composition, was playing this song.  The filler tunes played by him have become immortal with this song.  I followed his fingers and Bingo!  Ga was the correct first note for the word “Kuchh”.  Then with this note, the entire song came out well on my F scale (Bass) flute. 

Pay attention to play Tivr Ma, Komal Ga and Komal Ni wherever indicated.  Use Meend (R~g~G) for that signature flute piece.  I hope you will enjoy this song on your flute and other instruments.  Let me know with your comments.


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  1. Thanks for such a useful lesson. Can i infer the scale of this song as G major i have to practice and sing. I’m quite new to music so such a basic question

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  • CAPITAL LETTERS = Shuddh Swars (Pure Notes)
  • small letters = Komal Swars (Flat Notes)
  • A Note with # [hash] = Tivra Swar 
  • Letter/Alphabet ONLY = Medium Pitch/Normal blow on flute
  • Letter/Alphabet PRECEDED BY a ” . ” [full stop] or  a ” , ” [comma] = Low Pitch/Softer blow on flute
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  • Notes in { } = “murki” or “khatka” which have to be played very fast without any pause
  • A Note in ( ) = “kann swar” has to be just touched before moving on to the next note
  • A “~” between two Notes = “Meend”. That is, you have to glide from one note to another slowly to produce that wavy effect.
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