Raag Yaman

Following is the very basic information on Raag Yaman .  For more information, you may like to explore more on the internet like wikipedia where more information on Raag Yaman is given in detail.

Thaat : Kalyan

Rass (Nature) : Bhakti Rass (Devotion)

Jaati : Sampurna – Sampurna

Vikrit Swar : Tivr Madhyam (M#)

Aroh (7 notes) : S R G M# P D N S’

Avroh (7 notes) : S’ N D P M# G R S

Vaadi Swar : G (Shuddh Gandhar)

Samvaadi Swar : N (Shuddh Nishad)

How is Raag Yaman different from Raag Yaman Kalyan?

Songs based on Raag Yaman

DISCLAIMER: While Hindustani Classical Raags follow a set pattern of notes, the film songs based on Raag Yaman may not necessarily follow every rule of this Raag.  Composers take liberty to experiment with the notes and may deviate from the set pattern just to enhance the melody of the song.

Same is the case while jotting down the notations of songs.  Hence, it is advised that you must not stop experimenting with the basic notations which are given in this website and must continue to improvise as per your convenience.

Information on other Raags:

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15 thoughts on “Raag Yaman”

  1. sir pls attach some audios and notation of song “chandan sa badan, chanchal chinwan, dhire se tera yeh muskana”” with thx and regard

    1. The Thaat of Raag Yaman is Kalyan. What are the notes in Raag Yaman?

      The Arohana of the raga is….

      Ni Re Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa’ (Here the swara Ma is Tivra or Sharp) .

      The Avarohana of the raga is……

      Sa’ Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa  (Here the swara Ma is Tivra or Sharp).

  2. मै बांसुरी शिख रहा हु. कृपया राग यमन के अलंकार लिख भेजे.

  3. Prem Inder Rattan

    Sir, Very Informative and easy to learn site. Thanks for being an inspiration to new learners.
    I just wanted to buy the book which is available on your site on Flute. I am not able to place the order. Is it temporarily stopped.

    1. Thank you for appreciating.
      Book is available on my site. What is the error that you are getting? Please share a screenshot of the error to my Whatsapp No.901392743

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