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Keyboard Player

Name: Dr. Mridusmita Mandal
Profile : She is a qualified Anesthesiologist who started learning music just as a hobby, but with her Guruji Smt Aparna Goswami ji's encouragement and blessings she completed her Visharad in Hindustani Vocals. She also enjoys dancing and playing guitar and keyboards as accompaniment.


Accoustic Guitarist

Name: Sarvesh Mehrotra
Profile : He is Self-taught guitarist and singer. Picked up the guitar in engineering college, and played and sang as a hobby for many years. Started taking music more seriously in 2018, when he started to learn Hindustani classical music, and started performing publicly and professionally since then.

amit varshney

Djembe/Cajon Player

Name:Amit Varshney
Profile : As a percussionist, he used to play Kongo with the School orchestra. Restarted exploring his interest again in 2019 now with Djembe. However, With family and work responsibilities it is sometimes not easy to take out time for hobbies.

Aditya Srivastava

Harmonica Player

Name: Aditya Srivastava
Profile : Learnt harmonica as a teen and then unlearnt and learnt afresh everything 6 years ago with Harmonica wizard Sri. Ashok Bhandari.

Jay Joshi

Classical Flutist

Name: Jay Joshi
Profile : He was into heavy metal music until one day when he saw Rakesh Chaurasiya ji playing flute. He was mesmerized. And then started learning the Flute on his own. He has been practicing for almost 2.5 years now.

Naresh Sachdeva

Harmonica, Spanish Guitar Player

Name:Naresh Sachdeva
Profile : He’s been playing Harmonica and Spanish guitar since the 80's.

Pankaj Sharma

Accoustic Guitarist

Name: Pankaj Sharma
Profile : He was a DJ with Taj Palace hotel and is now associated with a lot of groups and bands.

Sumit Dhaundiyal - Tabla

Tabla Player

Name: Sumit Dhaundiyal
Profile : A budding Tabla player.

Shakti Kohli

Harmonica Player

Name:Shakti Kohli
Profile : Hails from Chandigarh, got retired from Venkys India Ltd wayback in 2014, since then he is pursuing his dormant passion of playing the Harmonica. Considers himself as an amateur who is striving to strike the right chords on harp. He feels great to be connected again with this wonderful and amazing instrument.

Sajal Dhir

Male Anchor

Name: Sajal Dhir
Languages : English, Hindi

Female Anchor

Name: Vatika Singh
Languages : English, Hindi

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