Prashant Das Self Taught flutist


My name is Prashant. A 40+, Delhi-based digital marketing professional with a deep rooted love for music.  It was my childhood dream to play this wonderful instrument called Bansuri (Flute). Tried out many times but failed. Tried to find a Guru, could not find someone whom I could afford.


Few years ago, in 2012, to be precise, one fine day I saw a Bansuriwala carrying a load of Basuris on a pole and immediately went upto him and bought one Bansuri. Did not know whether the scale was right or wrong for me to start with. But I bought it.


Since I had lost my job, I had ample time to spend with my new possession. I picked up a book on how to learn Flute. But, honestly it did not help me much. Then I just happened to stumble upon Youtube and found someone playing a fantastic piece of an old Hindi song. Searched a little more, and found some good Samaritans teaching the basics of playing Bansuri. I shall always remain thankful to them.

Soon, I was able to play the Sa Re Ga Ma… fluently. Then I started  devoting some serious time on Youtube (which, I confess, could have got me a job instead!) in brushing up my flute practice. And, yes, it paid off. Very soon, I think may be in two months time, I was able to play some very common tunes on flute.


Then I started to look around for Notes/SARGAMs of the songs I’ve always loved. But, unfortunately, could not find them on net.

In the meantime, my practice with this wonderful Bamboo stick continued and without my knowing I learned some tricks to hit the correct notes of almost all the songs I always wanted to play on flute.

It’s then that I thought of setting up a platform where I could post the Notes/SARGAMs of the tunes  and songs that move me. I’m sure there are thousands of people like me with may be a similar story to tell.

Although, I regret for not being able to take a formal training from a flute master, but my journey with my Bansuri continues.

I’d like to dedicate this website and my FB page to those who have desire, passion and interest for music but cannot afford formal training due to lack of time, money or preoccupation.

Do you want to play your favourite song on your instrument?  Don’t know how to pick notes? May be, how I learnt it will help you in some way…


Not everyone is fortunate enough to get blessings of a Guru in learning music.  But at the same time, not everyone would give up on music just because they do not get a chance to learn from a master.  I too could not get a Guru’s guidance, but my search is on.  Until then, I would call myself a self-taught Flutist. 

I am not at all negating the importance of learning from a Guru, but if you really love something then physical absence of a Guru should not deter you from pursuing your dream.  And yes, whenever you find a Guru, give no second thought about learning from him and polish your knowledge and skill further.

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