Raag Pahadi

Following is the very basic tutorial on Raag Pahadi.  As the name suggests, this raag belongs to mountains. Natives of mountains composed folk melodies in this Raag.  For more information, you may like to explore more on the internet like soundofindia where more information on Raag Pahadi is given in detail.

Thaat : Bilawal

Rass (Nature) : Harsh, Virah Rass (Happy, Sad)

Jaati : Audav – Sampurna

Vikrit Swar : None

Aroh (5 notes) : S R G P D S’ 

Avroh (7 notes) : S N D P M G R S’

Vaadi Swar : P (Pancham)

Samvaadi Swar : S (Shadaj)

Pakad : S D | P D | M G | P D S…

Time for playing : Generally Evening, but not restricted.

Songs based on : Raag Pahadi

DISCLAIMER: While Hindustani Classical Raags follow a set pattern of notes, the film songs based on Raags Pahadi  may not necessarily follow every rule of this Raag.  Composers take liberty to experiment with the notes and may deviate from the set pattern just to enhance the melody of the song.

Same is the case while jotting down the notations of songs.  Hence, it is advised that you must not stop experimenting with the basic notations which are given in this website and must continue to improvise as per your convenience.

  1. Aage bhi jane na tu
  2. Aja re Aja re o mere dilbar aja
  3. Chalo sajna jahan tak ghata chale
  4. Chand si mehbooba ho meri kab
  5. Chaudvin ka chaand ho
  6. Dil men ik lahar si uthi hai abhi
  7. Dil pukare aa re aa re are
  8. Diwana mujhsa nahi
  9. Ham aap ki aankhon mein is dil ko
  10. Husn pahado ka
  11. Isharo Isharo me
  12. Jane Kya Dhoondti Rehti Hai
  13. Janewalo zara mur ke dekho
  14. Jeet hi lengi baazi hum tum
  15. Jo wada kiya wo nibhana padega
  16. Karwate badalte rahe
  17. Kaun aya ke nigaho me chamak
  18. Kora Kagaz tha
  19. Neela Asman so gaya
  20. Panchhi banun udti phirun
  21. Phoolon ke rang se
  22. Sawan ke jhule pade tum chale aao
  23. Suhani Raat Dhal  Chuki
  24. Tere mere honthon pe
  25. Thaheriye hosh men aa lun to chale jaiyega
  26. Tujhko pukare mera pyar
  27. Tum mujhe bhool bhi jao
  28. Tum Pukar Lo
  29. Zulmi sang aankh ladi 

Sargam of following Songs on Raag Pahadi are available on this site:

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