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Dr shashank singh flutist

A Medical Doctor who is learning the Bansuri by himself

Dr Shashank Singh is fond of music and learning the nuances of Bansuri all by himself.  Absence of a Guru could not deter him from pursuing his passion for learning Bansuri. Besides winning appreciation from his listeners he has also secured a spot in Top-25 in the Notes & Sargam Instrumental Music Contest 2020.

Well I don’t know how to start….

Actually I’m a passionate musician who is learning music and growing as musician with each passing day. I’m 27 year old and a doctor by profession.

I started my musical journey 3 years ago, when I bought 1 flute from local vendors assuming that I can play it easily. But couldn’t even blow it properly. That was the time I knew the things are going to be really hard. But due to irregular and long duty hours even 48 hr shifts sometimes, I could not join any formal training for the instrument.

I was a student of science and barely had anything related to music in my life. For me, BANSURI is the only connecting link and the beautiful passage to the world of music. I kept on watching hundreds and thousands of flute videos from YouTube and practicing them for hours whenever I used to get time.

The things were difficult initially but I never lost faith in me and I kept on practicing. There was a turning point when I got selected in top 25 contestants in competition organised by Notes and Sargam. It gives me hope and encouragement that I’m on the right path. I will keep learning till I die. Thanks to Prashant sir (N&S) for his encouragement.

– Dr Shashank Singh


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