Raag Kirwani

Thaat : Not defined. Since this Raag belongs to Carnatic music and it contains Komal Gandhar and Komal Nishad, so, it does not fit into the 10 Thaats of Hindustani Classical music (HCM).  Learn 10 Thaats of HCM in an easy method. 

Rass (Nature) : Prem Rass (Romantic)

Jaati : Sampurna – Sampurna

Vikrit Swar : Komal Gandhar (g), Komal Dhaivat (d)

Aroh (7 notes) : S R g M P d N S’ 

Avroh (7 notes) : S’ N d P M g R S

Vaadi Swar : P (Pancham)

Samvaadi Swar : S (Shadaj)

Pakad : d P g | R S R | R g M P d P…

Songs based on Raag Kirwani

DISCLAIMER: While Hindustani Classical Raags follow a set pattern of notes, the film songs based on Raag Kirwani may not necessarily follow every rule of this Raag.  Composers take liberty to experiment with the notes and may deviate from the set pattern just to enhance the melody of the song.

Same is the case while jotting down the notations of songs.  Hence, it is advised that you must not stop experimenting with the basic notations which are given in this website and must continue to improvise as per your convenience.

Information on other Raags:

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