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Panchayat Theme Tune

Sargam notations for the Instrumental Theme Tune of OTT Series Panchayat Music by: Anurag SaikiaAlbum : Panchayat (OTT Series –

Happy Birthday Piano Notes and

Happy Birthday Piano Notes and Sargam notations are given below.  These notations are playable on multiple musical instruments, viz., String

Ninja Hattori Theme Tune

Sargam notations for the Ninja Hattori Theme tune Flute used for notaions : C middle This is a very popular

Swami And Friends Theme Tune

Sargam notations of theme tune of TV serial “Swamy And Friends” Composed by : L Vidyanathan S… ,D… ,d… {PDN}

The Last Post

Sargam notations for the patriotic theme tune – The Last Post. Flute used : G# Watch video of this tune:

Felu Da Theme Music

Presenting Sargam notations for a very popular tune from Bengali detective film series “Felu Da”, composed by Satyajit Ray.  This

Theme tune Sholay

Sargam for Sholay theme (at numbering) S… P D | nD n… D… P M | PMP S… P D

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is a popular nursery rhyme and song. Sargam (notations) for Rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Twinkle |

Dhadkan zara ruk gayi hai

Sargam (notations) for Prahar movie theme. “Dhadkan zara ruk gayi hai…” NSR | PM | M | RSS DNS |

Theme tune 'Nagin'

Theme tune ‘Nagin’ (1954) Prelude of song : Man dole mera tan dole Music by : Hemant Kumar RS GS

Vande maataram

SARGAM / notations for Vande maataram (Slower version) [Sa-Re]–[MaPaMaPa—]Vande maataram [Ma-Pa]–[NiSANiSA]sujalaam suphalaam [SARENi_–DhaPa-] [PaDhaMa–GaRe-]malayaja shiitalaam [RePaMaMa–]Ga-[ReGa]Sa–]Sasyashyaamalaam maataram [Sa-Re] [MaPaMaPa–][PaNi_ DhaPa–]Vande maataram

MAHABHARATA theme (TV Serial)

Here are the Sargam notations for the popular theme tune of the Indian TV serial “Mahabharat” N(D)S N ND ND

Jingle Bells Piano Notes and

“Jingle Bells” is a classic Christmas song and is relatively easy to play on the piano. The piano notes and

Flute Theme of movie HERO

You can play this tune from Flat Scale as: .DG M’G M’G S’D S ‘N ‘DNDNDND (x2) .DS’ N gG

Theme tune of movie BOMBAY

Sargam for Theme BOMBAY movie (Flute) Music by : A R RahmanFilm : Bombay (1995) OPTION 1: Flute used for


This theme tune for the Airtel Ads is composed by A R Rehman.  A short but very sweet tune.  Enjoy

Roadies Theme

Sargam for Roadies Journey ThemeCreated by “Agni” BandSinger : MohanLyrics: Pinky Poonawala This is one of the best theme tunes

Malgudi Days theme

This masterclass music piece has etched in the minds of 90’s kids.  The tune is based on Raag Bhupali. [flute

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No. of Songs
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