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Jibone ki pabo na

jibone-ki-pabona sargam

sargam notation for a joyful Bengali song Jibone ki pabo na
Singer : Manna Dey

Jibone | ki pabo naa,
,D ,N R | R | ,D ,N R

bhulechi | she bhabona!
MM G | S | R R R

Shamne | ja dekhi,
P P | P PP

jani na | sheki,
MM M | M M

ashol ki | nakal | shona
GG G | G G | S R

Jibone ki pabo naa…

Bhalo | ar | monder
R R | R | R S g

dwando | jani na,
R R | M D P

Ke bhalo ke | mondo | je | tar
M MM R | G G | G | S

khabor | rakhi na | ha haha ha ha
R S | M G R | G M G R S

Bhalo ar monder…

Ke tumi, | nandini
P P G | PP G

agay to | dekhini
P G P~n | D P M

Cholecho, | ei pathe
M M R | MM R

rupe je | rangini.
M R M D | P M G

Oho ho

Ke tumi…

Chine | nite | jadi | chao,
R R | R R | R R | R R

ektu | darao na!
R GP | G R S N

Shamne ja dekhi, jani na sheki, ashol ki nakal shona! Jibone ki pabo naa,

4 Responses

  1. The notes for the part from ” jodi sob chhariye” to “jete jete karo bhoye thomke darabona” are missing, Please look into it.

  2. Could u please post similiar sargam for the prelude and interludes of this song jibone ki pabo naa bhulechhi ….


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