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I am thankful to every visitor of this website.  You mean a lot.  Your appreciation motivates me.

Some of the words of encouragements I have received are as under:


Hi Dear,  I am 74 year old retired person & having lots of interest in music. Recently I have purchased Yamaha psr e 363 key board & practicing musical notes on my own.  I have gone through the notes you have been providing through your website.  I am extremely grateful to you.

Thank you very much. With warm regards,
A. M. Mistry 

I am very glad to share my experience with Notes and Sargam. This website is amazingly supportive for music and flute lovers. The sargams made me enable to play songs on flute. Thanks a lot to you.

Ajay Shinde, Katni (MP)


I am 62 years and learning flute like you. I gone through your whole site. I appreciate your way. Thank you.

Jagdish Parekh


Dear sir, i am your fan from many years. i have actually bought a new flute. i had stopped practicing 10 years ago. kudos to you.

D Shenoy


Sir, I am regular follower of you Facebook page. You enriched us with “flute notes”. You are a great inspiration to many beginners like me. Your notes are simple and complete. Whenever I feel like playing flute I visit your page and try to see what I can manage from a sea of simple yet beautiful collection. Please keep increasing the collection of different songs in you beautiful page. With regards,

Biswajit Banerjee


Respected Sir, Its So great hard work of yours,that we enjoying. Thanks from the bottom of my Heart. God Bless you!

Mayur D Farasrami


Thank you and waiting for your reply. and thanks your uploding so many nice songs. Your website is really helping for me to learn Bansuri. Kind regards.

Amit Paul


Dear Founder, I am happy to observe your ideology. You must be fed up of listening you praise but you deserved it. Hope to share a cup of tea in future. Also kindly leave your contact details so that I could come to know closely about such a gem.

Nikhil Pandey


Sir! your page is awesome for us where we cant create notes of any music you provide us. When this page was shut for couple of months it was hard to practice thank God you are back… And sir please upload notes of Channa Mereya – Ae dil hai mushkil and Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai please sir if possible ☺

Abhishek Pagariya


First of all I want to pay gratitude to you, Both of you and your website is helpful for us. Thank you sir for your kindness! Sir I request you for notations of some bengali songs.

Towfiq Omar


You are very helpful. I’ve been following you since I started playing the Flute. It would be very helpful if create a pdf containing all the sargams you’ve posted. Thank You.

Anand Roy


Dear Sir, You have done a wonder full job by creating this website…..I was little fortunate to have Pt. Harshwardhan ji as my Guru and mentor. knowing your struggle and so many others who struggle to learn to play this wonderful and simple instrument, I would like to extend a helping hand for those who would like to learn basic way of playing bansuri… I reside in New Delhi, Rohini area if any one wants to learn the basic way of playing the flute can contact me at : subirkt@gmail.com Thanks and Regards,

Subir Thakur


I accidentally came across this website, it is a treasure. Am interested in Sargam notes for the song SUR NA SAJE KYA GAOON MAIN from 1957 film Basant Bahar rendered by Manna Dey. Many thanks and best wishes

Jasbir Singh


Dear Prashant, I am really happy to come across your site. Mostly because I have just started to learn vocals and haven’t played any instrument before. Your site gives me hope that someday I shall also be able to find sargams on my own 🙂

Abhinav Maheshwari

Hi Sir, Your website and sargams are very helpful for my learning in Harmonioum….Thank you so much for the effort you have done for the music lovers, May God Bless you… I just want to request from you the Sargams of Allah Hoo Allah Hoo qawwali sung by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in Harmonium, Your help is Much appreciated, Thank You Very Much

Mohamed Nazeem

Dear Prashant Das, I am from Mauritius, and learning playing bamboo flute. I have come across your website which i find very useful mainly for students outside India as we have very few resource flute player. I see you have posted notation of bengali songs – Do you have any notations of Bengali songs from Rabindranath Tagore. Thanks for your collaboration !

Dhunveer Beehuspoteea

i found u a very good teacher. your way of explaining helped me alot. i just want to get sargam of ”bheegy hont tere” to judge myself whether this sargam made by me syncronises to yours or not. so plz help me in making corrections. I used to play piano and harmonium.


… and i am sooo glad that i find a site where we can actually have the sargams for songs and raagas.. thankyou soooo soooo sooooo much prashant bhaiya…

Ricky Bhat

Hello sir, Thanks for your music notes,due to which I could play my first tune….”malgudi days”.I have owned a bansuri for long time,but didn’t find a resource to learn and it was just sitting idle in my room. But when I was watching the movie “Sherlock Holmes-1” I came across a beautiful flute that tempted me to learn flute.The song was “ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN” by “THE DUBLINERS”. The way the flute is played is very soothing.so I wish you could provide me notes for that,its my first week with flute so it will be quite difficult to play it now,but in the future I can play. I have western music sheet for it which I downloaded from http://www.flutetunes.com/tunes.php?id=681 Hope it could help. Thanks in advance.

Anshul Lath

I am trying to learn playing harmonium at my mid forty with self learning and found it almost impossible, but your effort has influenced me a lot. Your notes are very helping tools for me. Hope, I’ll able to learn something. I have no words to thank you for your great job.

Sukdeb Goswami

I came across your website on Facebook in a Group ” Rabab Learner” . When i explore your website , I found it very very helpful and impressive. Your website have helped me alot in playing different songs on Rabab and also learning alot from the Alankars Sets.  Kindly Upload some more Pushtu Songs Notes on your Website.

Taimur Khan

Awesome…the notes u give are so easy to follow.

Namritha Lakshmi

sir , I am very thankful to you . that you have done a great work for those who want to learn music , and its a very great help in this regard. I hope you will serve like this in future also . May you live long.

Harris Starring

thank you for your precious work and sharing of musical notations….

Tushar Madhukar Shinde

Hello admin i am so happy with This page… thank u

Deepika Choudhary

Hi Friend, Great work in helping people like me who don’t have the time to go to proper classes.

Sathiya Seelan

oh thankyou. and i must say your page is nice .
I am beginner flute player. I love to play tune. When i listen any songs, I think in mind why not try to play this tune on flute. Thank you very much to let us know the tricks. This is really very useful.

Satyam Abhishek

Hi there! you are doing very fabulous job. It is very helpful not only for Professionals flute player but also for beginners. Please keep uploading these kind of flute notations. I am requesting to upload flute notation of Tumhe apana banane ki kasam – (Movie – Sadak). Hope you will attend this. It is not so hurry I know many requests are in pipeline please take you time.

Amal Bakali

Accidentally i came across this page, i just started learning flute around 3 months back i got good pace and learned the basis correctly but was finding it difficult to find notations for the songs. and here we go this page is my bible . Old classic songs some really good choices and notations. I really appreciate your efforts and you made playing easy for us. Keep posting and i felt exalted and rapturous. I would like to kindly respect you to post notations of the song “Tere bina jiya jaye na, Bin tere tere bin sathiya” or Tum aa gaye ho nuur aagaya hai or Tere bina zindagi se koi sikhwa nahi. any one of this would do as they are my mom’s fav. Thanks a ton for reading this and god bless you.

Swapnil Raut

sir , first of all thank you very much..i learned lots of my flute from notes and sargam..can you plz upload the notations of” bum bum bole” song from movie tare zameen par.

 Dewa Flub

22 Responses

  1. really your site is so helpful for new comers. I myself have started to learn flute on my own by using internet and seeing some Yutube videos since last 6 months on my own . I have no guru as i cannot afford their fees. I am trying to learn raga shivranjini. Can you help me. Also let me know your contact details whether you are from mumbai.

  2. Namaskaar Sir…….

    Ek kahaawat hai ….

    aap ek sachey kalakaar hain isliye sabkaa maargdarshan kar ke aapney ham baaki kalakaaron me apnaa ek oonchaa sthaan bana liya hai ye sab mai Man se kehti hu sir …….!!!

    Mai ek Theatre artist and writer hun…… Bansuri ki apki website dekh kar aaur aapki sachchi bhaawan dekh kar aapko ek hi baat kehte hai ……U are GREAT…dedicating .

    two lines for you from my pen……:-


    Aap jeewan me bahut prasidhi paayen inhee shubkaamnaaon ke saath……

    Pranaam .-
    Renu Ahuja.

  3. Many people who love music may not be trained. Those who would like to practice without going to a teacher will benefit from your contribution. I am one such person. Thank you.

  4. I want to thank you for giving us great knowledge about the flute and i enjoy playing the flute notes given by you, it would be very great if sir can you add an mp3 file playing the same notes you had written so that we could have a better understandings of beats and rhythm of the same tune/song.

  5. Thanks for superb collection of notation.
    Pls add notation of pal pal hai bhaari vipada hai ayi song from ‘Swades’

  6. Hi, My name mrugesh kanitkar, from Baroda, Gujarat. I am learning harmonica on my own, and your notations are helping me out to learn. Thanks for the beautiful collction

  7. Thanks a ton… i’m searching for Jasne-E-bahar flute note and i got a jackpot.. there lots of popular tunes flute notes are available.. that’s awesome… It is very difficult to find flute notes in sargam, again i’m learner and i need flute notes… Keep posting..

  8. Sir You have done a lot of good work for novice like us. Thank U for all your efforts. One more request from my side is if you can upload sound clip along with the notes, it will be great for us. SO that we can confirm we are playing right.

  9. Hi Prashant,

    Thanks you so much, you web site is very informative and gave me lot of information which other sites didn’t have.
    I am completely new to Flutes, I started practicing for last 1 month by watching and learning from YouTube. Now, after visiting your website I have a confidence that I can learn and play
    Thanks you so much

  10. Hi prashant, I salute your effort. This website is helping people like me to learn flute. I have a request to you. Can you please upload flute notations for some bengali folk songs also (like baul, vatiyali, polligeeti). I am very much interested in those songs but could not find much help from the internet. I fear that those traditional songs are going to be lost in time as the newer generation is becoming less and less aware of them. I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

  11. I am a beginner, I even do not know ABCD (SARGAM) of flute, just simply bought it as I heard someone playing it at Parvati in Pune (Maharashtra) and got interest in playing it, and while searching on google for Notes & how to begin playing I found this site and found it really nice, its really well designed for both beginners as well as regular practicers. Thanks a lot, I will keep visiting this site now on wards. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.


  13. Sir, could you tell us about choice of scale of bansuri(how to choose the scale) for a particular song.Kind regards. Sushil

  14. im 52 but i like to learn some more.and iappreciate your notes which ive gone through.but some thing sad is no comlete notes.like for the song-ghungru ki taraha-u havent completed this why?
    please can u complete this?
    i lke to admire u for talent in such a short time.thanks .from Nepal

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