Real-life Stories Of Self-learning

When it comes to music, it is always better to learn from a Guru.  But not everyone is fortunate enough to get the blessings of a teacher, which could be because of lack of time, money or preoccupation.  But there are people who pursued their passion for music and did not make excuses for not having found a Guru to learn music and their instrument.  Presented below are such stories of self-learners who defied all odds to realize their dreams of playing their favourite musical instruments – all by themselves.  Their determination deserves applauds.  Read these real-life stories and get inspired.  Who knows which story can motivate you to learn and play your favourite instrument too.  Music can be your best friend forever only if you make the first move!

Ye Jeevan Hai

Sargam for hindi song Ye jivan hai is jivan ka… Movie : Piya ka Ghar (1972)Singer : KishoreLyrics : Anand BakshiMusic : Laxmikant Pyarelal Flute

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Zindagi Ka Safar

Sargam notations for the song Zindagi Ka Safar Singer : Kishore KumarLyricist : IndeevarMusic Director : Kalyanji AnandjiMovie : Safar (1970) Probable Raag : Yaman

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Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan

Sargam notations for Tamil song Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan Singers : S.Janaki, Kamal HassanMusic: IlayarajaMovie : Gunaa (1991)Original Scale : F Flute used for Notations :

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Tip tip barsa pani

Sargam Notations for song – Tip Tip Barsa Pani Singers: Alka Yagnik, Udit NarayanLyricist: Anand BakshiMusic : Vijay Kalyanji Shah (Viju Shah)Movie/album: Mohra (1994) Raag

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Artists On Hire

Looking for Artists? Connect with talented musicians, performers, accompanists, anchors, designers, printers, etc., all under one roof here… Keyboard Player Name: Dr. Mridusmita Mandal Profile

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Bikharne ka mujhko shauq hai bada

Sargam notations for the Song: Bikharne ka mujhko Shauq Singers:Swanand Kirkire, Shahid Mallya, Sireesha BhagavatulaMusician: Amit TrivediLyricist: Varun GroverMovie:Qala (2022)Flute used for notations : G#

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Panchayat theme

Panchayat Theme Tune

Sargam notations for the Instrumental Theme Tune of OTT Series Panchayat Music by: Anurag SaikiaAlbum : Panchayat (OTT Series – 2020) Original scale: A This

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