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Flute Theme of movie HERO

Hero-flute-tune sargam

You can play this tune from Flat Scale as:


S ‘N ‘DNDNDND (x2)

.DS’ N

gG M’


P M G g S ‘ND

Another Way of playing this tune is from Natural Scale as:

Note: Here you will have to play Ga and Ni as komal

S P {n D n}P {n D n}P

gS g R S

g g R

M’ P {Dn Dn} PD


S P {n D n}P {n D n}P

Following video by Waqas Choudhary domonstrates more than one way of playing the Hero Theme Tune on Flute:

Following video by Pravin of Golden Flute Channel domonstrates an easy way (in Hindi) of playing the Hero Theme Tune on Flute:

There is an interesting anecdote that Jackie Shroff shares about this melodious Flute tune…

“For fifteen years now, two unknown flautists show up at my home every Sunday and they play this flute tune from Hero. Then they quietly leave.  It doesn’t matter if I am out of town.  These guys come home and do the Hero theme anyway. Basuri baut pyar se bajaate hain.
“They wake up the entire building with their music. But nobody minds. That Hero flute passage is very very sureela.  Do you know who played it in the film? The maestro Hari Prasad Chaurasia himself!  I’ve been a fan of Panditji since then. And now when these boys play it for me every Sunday I feel I am transported back to my beginnings in the movies.”

“I don’t know, why have the flautists been showing up for fifteen years? Hero was released 29 years ago.  I never asked them. They never told me. I don’t even know their names. They just come religiously, play the music and quietly leave.”

 “That flute passage was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Pandit Chaurasia played it for me. It played a big hand in launching me as a romantic hero.’

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    1. To play high octave notes on C# or any other scale of flute, you just need to tilt the flute slightly towards you so that the gap between lips and the blowing hole become narrow. Then with a little more than gentle blow you will be able to play high notes on flute. In case of problem, you can call me on 9013921743.
      Thanks. Prashant.

      1. c # हो या किसी भी और बांसुरी पर ऊँचे स्वर बजाते समय बांसुरी को ज़रा सा अपनी तरफ मोड़ लीजिये जिस से कि आपके होंठ और बांसुरी के छेद के बीच का अंतर कम हो जाये | फिर आप थोड़ी सी तेज़ फूंक से ऊँचे स्वर आसानी से बजा पाएंगे | कोशिश कीजिये, यदि फिर भी कोई दिक्कत आए तो मुझे फोन कर सकते हैं | धन्यवाद | प्रशांत |

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