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Chura liya hai tumne jo Sargam Notes

Singers : Asha Bhonsle, Rafi
Lyrics : Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music : R D Burman
Film : Yadon ki baraat (1973)

Flute used for notations : G#

Pay attention in playing Komal Gandhar (g) Komal Dhaiwat (d) and Komal Nishad (n) alongwith their Shuddh forms carefully wherever indicated.

And yes, following are the complete lyrics (all 3 Antaras) of the song which is rare to find elsewhere. 


P PP (x4)

Guitar :
R P | R’ n D P | R P

R P | R’ n D P | g P

n D P g | S M

R’ S’ D P | MR M DP | MR M DP

P… R… M

DP | D P | DP | DP


Chura | liya | hai
P P | n D | P

tumane | jo | dil | ko
P P~D | P | M | M~S

Najar | nahin | churaana | sanam
P P | n P | P P P~D | P M

Badal | ke | meri
P P | n | D P

tum | jindagaani
P | P~D P M M~S

Kahin | badal | na | jaana | sanam
P P | n D | P | P P~D | P P

Ho… | Le | liya | dil
S’… | S’ | S’S’~R'(g’)R’| S’~D

haay | mera | dil
S’ | S’S’~R'(g’)R’| S’~D

Haay | dil | lekar | mujhako
D~S’ | n | P n~D | P n~D

na | bahalaana
P | n~D D~P P

Chura liya…

Music (Saxophone):

Chura liya… jana sanam


S’S’S’…R'(g’)R’S’~D (x2)
D S’S’ N…


Bahaar | banake | aun
P D n | S’ S’ | S’ R’~S’

kabhi | tumhaari | duniya | me
N DN | P D n | n n | n

Gujar | na | jaae | ye | din
P D | n | S’ S’ | S’ | R’~S’

kahin | isi | tamanna | me
n D n | P D~n | P P P | P

Tum | mere | ho
S’ | S’S’~R'(g’)R’| S’~D

Ho | tum | mere | ho
S’ | S’ | S’S’~R'(g’)R’| S’~D

Aj | to | itana | waada
D~S’S’| n | P n~D | P n~D

karate | jaana
P | n~D D~P P

Chura liya…

Music (Saxophone):

Chura liya… jana sanam

(Notations same as Antara 1)

Sajaaunga | lut | kar | bhi
tere | badan | ki | daali | ko
Lahu | jigar | ka | dunga
hasin | labon | ki | laali | ko
Hai | wafa | kya | is | jahaan | ko
Ek | din | dikhala
dunga | main | diwaana

(Notations same previous Antaras)

akele | mere | aramaan
tadap | tadapake | kyon | rote |
Mere | bhi | din | kya | hote
jo | tum | mere | lie | hote |
Tum | mere | ho, | tum | mere | ho
Aj | to | itana | waada | karate | jaana

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2 thoughts on “Chura liya hai tumne jo”

  1. There no indication of’, rhymes’i.e. whether it’s 2/2 or 3/3 , secondly, each group of rhymes has not been mentioned.

    1. I do not follow the formal style of writing notations. This is my style of writing notations and is very easy to follow.

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