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Mendichya Panawar

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Mendichya Panawar - hridaynath mangeshkar - lata mangeshkar

Sargam notes for song Mendichya Panawar Lyricist : Suresh Bhat,
Singer : Lata Mangeshkar,
Music: Hridaynath Mangeshkar

(The bengali version of this song is Edin to jabe na…)

Mendichya paanaawar
.N~S .D .N S G g…

man ajun jhulte gn
G g .N R… gM… gR SRN

Jaaichya paakalyaans
R g M Mn~P MRS.n R~S

dnw ajun salte gn
S gM M#… M~G SRgRS.N

Zulzulto anganaat
R g M n’ n’ n’

toch gaar waara gn
n’n’ nn’ D’D’….DPDP M#

Hulhulto tulshicha
R g M D~n’~D M R S~,n R~S…

ajun deh saara gn
S g M M# M#M#…gR Srg RSN


Ajun tujhe haladiche
,NS gg ggg

ang ang piwale gn
,DS gg ggM M~R

Ajun tujhya dolayaantil

mothhepan kawale gn

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