How to make your own Alankar.

खुद से अलंकार कैसे बनायें

It's very easy

You can create numerous sets of Alankar yourself, if you understand the basic concept. It is all about logical sequencing of notes.

In this grouping of two notes each, the logic is to place the last note as first in the next group.

For example, an Alankar could be

SR | RG |  GM | MP |  PD | DN | NS'

Here the logic is to skip 3rd note in a group, like Ga is not there in group 1. And, start the second group with next note of first note of group 1. So, the group 2 starts with Re and M (the third in sequence) is skipped in second group, and so on.

Another example:


So, now if you can solve this puzzle, you will be able to create your own Alankars. Guaranteed!

Now, Do It Yourself

S' N P M | N D ? G | D P G R | P ? ? S

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