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Learn How To Play 50 Best Of RD Burman songs on Instruments

Sargam Notations for 50 superhit songs composed by the legendary music director – R D Burman.  This book is a treat for RDB Fans who wish to play these songs on their instruments. 

Best-of-R D Burman

What's Inside

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INR 300


That's just 6 Rupees for each song + bonus content

Meet The Author - Prashant Das

A die-hard RD Burman fan. A self-taught Flutist. Founder of NotesAndSargam. Has been writing sargam notations of songs and tunes for over 10 years. Has already written over 500 notations.

Prashant Das Notes And Sargam Author

"I want to encourage people to pick up any musical instrument and start playing their favourite music."

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About This Book

Very nicely bought out. Small anecdotes relating to Pancham in the book is very much appreciated. I expect further parts from Prashant Ji, at the earliest.
A S Prasad Hyderabad
Reviewed on Google
...amazing book of 50 songs notations of R.D.Baruman Da by founder of Notes and Sargam, i recomend it to all music lovers .
Manish Musically
Reviewed on Google
Thank you for such a wonderful creation. A must-have book, if you're a R D fan and play some instrument as well. The entire book is fantastic.
Tanmay Ghosh
Message on Email
You've earned my respect bro! Great selection of songs and easy to follow notations. Can't wait for the next volume.
Naresh Pant
Message on Email
So many superhits at one place, and that too with tips on how to play these. Wonderful work. God Bless!
Reena Malik
Message on Email
I feel lucky to have found this book. Never expected to get such a great content on R D Burman.
Preeti Sangwan
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